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Hello? Journal? It’s Me, Frank by MizErie

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 45009 words

Summary: This story is not your usual Frerard fic. I am trying something new, and I hope you all will like what I’m doing.

This story is played out via the journal entries Frank writes. You learn about his life, his parents, his different relationships, and ultimately about Frank himself. Watch our beloved Frank grow up through his journal entries. Watch him become a man and eventually start a serious relationship.

(PS- The chapters/journal entries start off fairly short, but they will get longer! Happy reading!)

NOTE: Still in progress, but a great fic!

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Brian Schechter’s School For The Gifted by casesandcapitals

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 28,666 words

Summary: Brian Schechter’s School For The Gifted is opening in September, but Gerard doesn’t want to go. He hates it when people make fun of his giant bat wings or fawn over his much more talented little brother.

But Gerard finds that he loves being at school with other mutants who make him feel normal, especially his roommate Frank. But all is not as it seems and soon students begin to go missing…

Note: Still In Progress, but awesome!

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Keep Running by famouslastwordsx

Frank/Gerard, PG-13, 6860 words

Summary: When Mikey decides to join the track team, Gerard has to go to his practices everyday after school. That’s where he meets Frank, the team captain and best runner in the state of New Jersey, and suddenly going to Mikey’s practices isn’t so boring anymore.

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Roomies by mcrfobpatd

Frank/Gerard, R, 21,129 words

Summary: Fucking tits. It was eighth hour and that meant that Gerard got to go to Biology… Great. Just fucking great. He really, really hated that class more than he should have. There was a reason—it wasn’t just some random never-ending fire that burned in his stomach all day. It wasn’t even something, it was someone.

“You will be staying with your project partner over the duration of this fieldtrip. Now remember: It’s a week long, okay?” Mr. Urie held up a clipboard, “I have your room assignments right here.” Every student in the class strained their necks to see who they’d be staying with, but Mr. Urie quickly put the board down.

“Guys!” He laughed, “I can’t tell you who you’re staying with!” Everyone groaned in disappointment. “Hey, hey! I said I can’t tell you who you’re rooming with. I never said I couldn’t tell you who your partner for the project is.”

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Anonymous asked: any really good high school fics?

Most of these are truthfully in the tag, but I’ll just offer some of my personal favourites, I suppose ^_^

The Hoodie:

Now My Feet Can Touch The Ground:

You Only Hear The Music When Your Heart Begins To Break:

Strange Steps:

This Never Happened:

The Girl At The Rock Show (warning, it’s alwaysagirl!Frank)

Annnnnd, if you want a zombie (sort of) high school fic try littleblackghost’s Generation Dead…it’s linked a few down! Again I’m mentioning her and it may seem over the top but I adore her fics.

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Not-So-Pleasantville by miss_bilvy

Frank/Gerard, PG, 9,085 words

Summary: Set in 1954. The local high school is having an upcoming prom and Gerard is confused why Frank doesn’t want to ask any of the girls to go with him.

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Trying to Escape The Inevitable by cosmiczombie

Frank/Gerard, PG-13, 185,997 Words

Summary: FRERARD! Frank; the sarcastic outcast. Gerard; the arrogant misfit. Both know what it’s like to live in the shadows. Is it true there’s only a fine line between love and hate? INTERLUDE UP!

Note: This is in progress, but it’s coming to a close. Also, don’t be turned away by ficwad, this one is a real diamond in the rough, as with all of CosmicZombie’s other fics. 

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You’re My Best Friend by iamjustabi 

Frank/Gerard, Frank/Jamia, Ray/Mikey, PG, 1,777 words

Summary: Frank and Gerard were just affectionate. Nothing else to it.

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Scarring Doesn’t Last A Lifetime by MikeyWayfu

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 1,028 words

Summary: Frank can’t keep going this way. Mr. Way thinks so too.

Warning: Hints of self harm. And kidnapping.

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Thing-Thing by sinsense 

Frank/Gerard, PG-13, 43,300 words

Summary: When Gerard signed the admissions paperwork for the Fordhaven School for Boys, he knew he was signing up for four years of sexual frustration. No one was gay at Fordhaven. Gerard was all-too-aware that he would be a virgin until he graduated. In his senior year, though, this stupid gay freshman disproves Fordhaven’s straightness, and throws Gerard’s entire world off-kilter.

Now, in between drawing, avoiding bullies, running an incredibly serious tabletop RP game, failing out of math, and hanging out with friends, Gerard is also busy kind of falling for this asshole who’s way too young for him. It’s not what he planned on, but it’s what’s happening. In conclusion: high school sucks.

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50 Bucks Buys A Lot by mizubyte

Frank/Gerard, PG-13, 1,434 words

Summary: High School AU. Written for This Prompt over at that Bandom Pretend Dating Fest thing.

It’s sort of a ridiculously long prompt, but the gist of it is that Gerard kind of has a depressing hermit life at school, but makes up all kinds of awesome lies when he’s talking to Mikey. Mikey calls bullshit and pulls a surprise visit to Gerard’s dorm, giving him about 15 minutes to find that awesome pretend boyfriend he keeps talking about. Enter Frank, the stoner in the dorm next door.

Warnings: None

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I Will Never Hurt You by sentimentalfuck

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 6,833 words

Summary: Frank is new to Gerard’s school. They fall for each other. But there’s a twist.

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hitcunts asked: Hello :) I'm just wondering if you've read/know this fanfiction -Gerard moves into his gradparents (I think omg) house and Frank is living there and they kind of meet when Frank is coming out of the shower. It's a highschool AU. I've been looking everywhere and I can't find it //tears// Much appreciated!

I don’t know it, sorry!

**EDIT** Thank you to the anon: it’s Going Away

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Anonymous asked: What's the fic where Gerard is forced by his dad to take a teaching job at franks school teaching english and makes the classes live's a living hell?

Hot For Teacher

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The Hoodie by stormvandal 

Frank/Gerard, PG-13, 2,800 words

Summary: It was THE hoodie. You know. The one a guy gives his girlfriend. She wears it all the time. Then, when they break up, she gives it back in a huff. Repeat. Yeah. It was THAT hoodie.