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Anonymous asked: sorry if i'm annoying you here, but do you know that fic where gerard is a demon-like-thing and frank is a goody two shoes who is really religious and they end up hooking up and stuff?

http://archiveofourown.org/works/455590?view_adult=true theres that one?

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any fics where Gerard and Frank are married and ty both decide to adopt a child together? Danke! (Thank you in German ^-^)

I don’t know any exactly like that, but there’s the kid!fic tag and the kids tag where they either have kids or look after kids (or are kids) :)

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Between the Wish and the Thing by ciel_vert, fleurdeliser

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 23,846 words

Summary: Gerard has been in love with his best friend and bandmate for years. It sucks. Especially because he’s convinced himself that Frank does not feel the same. But a series of events including a long overdue break from touring, gastroenterology specialists, a new puppy and a visit from a know-it-all brother and his smart-as-hell wife, make Gerard question his assumptions.

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sarajessica asked: Frank moves in with Gerard and they get a puppy-fic. Read it just yesterday, it's cute. "Between the Wish and the Thing" on archiveofourown.
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sophmoreslmp asked: hey hi do you know the fic where gerard gets pissy at frank for always topping?

Dammit, yeah, I knew one but I forgot what it’s called??

It was about Gerard being pissy because people thought he was the “girl” in the relationship and he found Frank’s lube?? 

I dunno, anyone else?

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hinahyuga asked: For the anon I think the fix is now does our world descend by anarchistanthem on livejournal


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Calling by pixiewayro

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 268 words

Summary: Phone sex (only dialogue)

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ansteckend asked: looking for a fic in which frank is really depressed because the band broke up and mikey tells gerard to take care of him, so frank starts living with him. at some point they get a dog and frank gets jealous when gerard starts talking with some random guy. i'm sorry i can't remember any more details ): i'm just sure it's depressed!frank post-band-breakup living with gerard (and it's not 'the sky-high city, i'm sure of it). thank you!

*Sighs heavily* I don’t know, does anyone else?

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I think the anon was looking for the Destroya fic.... It sounds very similar to what they described; Gerard and Frank stay behind to work on a song in the studio and frank blows him and yea I may be wayyy off but I thought I'd try and help! It can be found here: www(.)fanfiction(.)net/s/7152119/1/DESTROYA
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Anonymous asked: Can you recommend some good fics where either one of them is a priest?

Hehehehee, yes.

Not A Saint by happilyppled

Against the Works of the Flesh by happilyappled

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Anonymous asked: orgasm denial fics?

I posted one already.

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Dude, Quit Marshing My Mallow by jedusaur

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 3,238 words

Summary: Frank has done a whole bunch of idiotic shit in his life, and gotten himself into a lot of trouble in numerous creative ways. So he wouldn’t consider this the absolute stupidest thing he’s ever said. But it’s pretty damn close:

"Sometimes I like having to wait."

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Anonymous asked: Do you know any fics with orgasm denial?

I have orgasm delay ones but no denial (I don’t even know how you can have a denial orgasm???)

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Suck It by rivers_bend

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 864 words

Note: there’s no summary, the author’s summary says “Porn” and I’m not good with writing summaries.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any favourite BDSM fics?

Clap Your Hands to the Rhythm of My Heart by viviansface

Crossed Wires by cthuhu-hungers (cherubiumangles)

Price of Pretty by ladyfoxxx