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Click the “Navigation” button to see a full list of all of the tags we have on this blog. Each tag is linked from there, so you can search for fics by pretty much anything you can think of - please check this list before asking for any questions, since most of the messages we get can be answered by looking at it.

To submit a fic for me to read (and potentially post) click Submissions/Recommendations and you can send me links here. If you’d prefer to send it anonymously, you can still send them via ask, just delete the “http://” and “www.”, and put brackets around every dot (for example: http://novembersmith.livejournal.com/44441.html becomes novembersmith(.)livejournal(.)com/44441(.)html).
If you don’t have the link to hand, but know the name/author/site the fic was posted on/useful information like that, you can send those instead.
To submit one you’ve written yourself and want me to read and give feedback on, use fanmail or ask off anon so that I can reply to it.
Tips on writing good fanfiction.