6 months ago | 13
Anonymous asked: a good reclist blog that still updates is frerardhub, they usually post once or twice a day if anyone was looking for a regularly active blog
6 months ago | 19
Anonymous asked: i think most people pronounce it (FUR) (RARD) but idk thats how i say it.
6 months ago | 11
Anonymous asked: Okay so this is a really weird and stupid question but how do you actually pronounce frerard because me and my friend say it totally differently

Well I (and all my friends) pronounce it FRE-rard (since most of the time we also pronounce Gerard’s name GE-rard, which is probably because we’re English rather than American) but I guess it should technically be fre-RARD? I don’t really know, I’ve never actually thought about it until now!

6 months ago | 7
mychemicalnothanks asked: Hey, you mentioned that you weren't sure if there was any active fic blogs around still, and I just wanted to put in the word that I am one! There's a link to it on my main blog, and the url is bandshavingsex. I update at least once a day, every day. It'd be nice if you put the word out there. :) x
7 months ago | 2
Anonymous asked: do you think you'd ever give this blog to somebody who could update it a lot more than you? not saying you don't do a great job, but do you think you'd ever pass it on to someone else?

No, I tried that, and people either didn’t like the person I chose or the mods had problems which meant they couldn’t post, so I’m just keeping it as it is. There are other Frerard blogs out there, though; I’m not sure if they all still post but I remember there being a lot at one point in time.

7 months ago | 0
Anonymous asked: to the anon asking about the dove keeper, it does end kinda sadly but no major character death
7 months ago | 3
Anonymous asked: Does The Dove Keeper end sadly/does frank or Gerard die?

I honestly don’t know, having never read it, but I think if either of them died it would have a warning for major character death on it, so I don’t think so? 

7 months ago | 4
xokawaiikittenxo asked: How long until the blog opens again?

I’m not really sure. It probably won’t be completely the same as it was before though, because I have a lot less time now that I’m at university. The only reason I asked for a few recommendations was because I’d been flicking through the blog out of nostalgia (after talking about it with a friend) and read an old fic and thought about reading a few more. I’m definitely not becoming a fic finder for people again - that’s why there’s a page of links! However, if I do come across a fic I like and manage to finish it, I’ll post it here for you, but it’ll most likely be a short, fluffy AU for the time being.

7 months ago | 17
Anonymous asked: How sadly does a splitting of the mind end?

Very, like major character death sad.

7 months ago | 2
Anonymous asked: Is there any way you can make the navigation option again on mobile on the blog? It would be so much more convenient.

Sorry about that, I’ve put it in the bottom of the description now if that’s better?

7 months ago | 0
Anonymous asked: how come you took out the "navigation" option out of your description? :(

Navigation is still there, under the description and the home button? Otherwise just add /tags to the end of the URL and it’ll take you to the page :)

7 months ago | 8

Recommend me some fics, and if I like them enough, I’ll start posting again - I still have all my old bookmarks, so there should be a fair few new ones!

1 year ago | 50

Frank and Gerard Get It On (booty) by franksdadhaircut

Frank/Gerard, PG-13, 398 words

Summary: Explicit themes about booties.

Note: I don’t know about you, but I read this and it’s good. I’m still busy, though.

1 year ago | 11

Due to the hectic nature of our admins’ lives, this blog will not be posting for the unforeseeable future. I know we haven’t posted anything in a while, but apparently you’ve been sending messages to the other mods, so here is the “official” message: there aren’t going to be any new posts any time soon. 

I don’t know how long it’ll be, but the navigation still works and nothing is being deleted, so you can still read old fics and feel free to search for new ones yourself! The external links page and Google are yours to use.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

(the owner of the blog)

1 year ago | 78

Crazy For You by elimak

Frank/Gerard, NC-17, 34,698 words

Summary: Gerard, in a moment of desperation and sexual frustration, decides to call a sex hotline. he intends to make it a one time thing but things take an unexpected turn.